Tuesday, October 23, 2007

RSSment of the situation

With an RSS feed to a tolerable version of the Gleemax postings (on the right, there, in the Related Links section), I've been able to catch up on what the devs have been saying. For what it's worth.

Now, I will be the first to fillet, saute and flambe a fanboi that starts spouting off about how a developer is posting in this forum thread, but not that (read: their) forum thread -- these guys are busy, and they don't have time to sit in front of the forums all day, reading the nonsense that everyone spits out. I wager that they have dedicated forum moderators that let them know when something interesting comes along, and all the devs pop on the read the one-in-a-million morsel of useful opinion.

So perhaps I'm a hypocrite, then, to comment on the waste of time the last so-many dev posts have been. Is there any requirement that their posts have any valuable 4.0 material (that's right, I said 4.0 instead of "4th edition" or "4e", because I'm angry)? No, but why get our hopes up? The first posts from nearly every developer was useful, insightful, or at least relevant. And while I enjoy a good boardgame like the next guy (love Twilight Imperium, by the way), I really couldn't care less about that when I'm looking for D&D tidbits.

So will I continue to read the blogs? Of course I will -- I can't miss something! But I figured I should apologize to those that use the link on the right, under the "Related Links", when they find out that most of the content in one of them is not-so-related.

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