Friday, June 5, 2009

Recently resurrected

I feel really bad for not having posted anything for over a month. Insert blah-blah-life-gets-in-the-way-blah-blah excuse here.

As Griff mentioned previously, we've finally be able to start up the second module, Thunderspire Labyrinth. We've only had two sessions so far, which speaks to the available time for the whole group. We're playing again tonight, and I hope this starts a trend of semi-regular play again, hopefully going hand-in-hand with some semi-regular article reading and blog posting.

My backlog of unread articles is huge. Some are months old. Do I start with the oldest, and see if I catch up? Or do I start with the newest, read backwards, and see if I ever finish the backlog? I think for the sake of this blog, I'll start with the newest articles, because it's the content that people might still care about.

I'm off to update wizardslinks with over 30 articles. Then I'll be reading some of them, and hoping that there's something to come back and talk about!