Thursday, January 7, 2010


It has been a month since any of us have played D&D. Thus is the nature of the holiday season. But also, it has been a month since I've read any 4e material (to be honest, ANY D&D material), and I have to say... I didn't miss it.

Now that this new year is starting up, so too is our many attempts to get together to play. But this time, it looks like it might be without 4e.

We're giving Pathfinder a go. We miss 3.5, and it looks like 4e has failed to fill that void. As Griff commented to the group, it might just be nostalgia, and not any superiority or preference for 3.5 that's moving us back. We shall see.

As for this blog... well, it is a 4e blog, so it wouldn't make sense to talk about our 3.5/Pathfinder adventures and experiences here, unless perhaps as comparisons to 4e. I still have my subscription to, and time (or interest) permitting, Griff and I might still blog on that 4e content. And, if it turns out that Pathfinder doesn't fill that void for us, then we might very well return to 4e and have more "active" posts here.