Thursday, January 7, 2010


It has been a month since any of us have played D&D. Thus is the nature of the holiday season. But also, it has been a month since I've read any 4e material (to be honest, ANY D&D material), and I have to say... I didn't miss it.

Now that this new year is starting up, so too is our many attempts to get together to play. But this time, it looks like it might be without 4e.

We're giving Pathfinder a go. We miss 3.5, and it looks like 4e has failed to fill that void. As Griff commented to the group, it might just be nostalgia, and not any superiority or preference for 3.5 that's moving us back. We shall see.

As for this blog... well, it is a 4e blog, so it wouldn't make sense to talk about our 3.5/Pathfinder adventures and experiences here, unless perhaps as comparisons to 4e. I still have my subscription to, and time (or interest) permitting, Griff and I might still blog on that 4e content. And, if it turns out that Pathfinder doesn't fill that void for us, then we might very well return to 4e and have more "active" posts here.


Anonymous said...

I find my self in the same boat. 4E has long lost any appeal & i miss 3.5. I've tried pathfinder & while its not a bad game, i still find 3.5to be better (of course this is a subjective view).

I have instead found myself playing more and more indi games. Spirit of the Century, Mutants and Masterminds & Dragon Age (The PnP RPG version).

i think i'm a little burnt out on D&D style games, at least for the time being.

Well good luck to you on your future RPG endeavour regardless of what they may be.

Crwth said...

We actually started a Worlds of Darkness adventure with Griff at the helm on Friday, as a campaign for when only part of our group is available; we'll start Pathfinder when more of us are available.

I was initially resistant to trying a non-d20-based system, not wanting to invest rare gametime in yet another system, but I caved in, figuring knowing a system as a player takes less effort than as a GM.

Hrimgrimnir said...

Can't you just change the name of the blog? (you *are* a computer guy after all - just change the internet a little...)

I am in your group and I still like reading the comments - And I am looking forward to slaying something In the game - not real life - (In case my psychologist is reading...)

Anonymous said...

Never been a fan of Worlds of Darkness, but thats more a general dislike of the genre of fiction it emulates, rather then a dislike of the system which works pretty well.

Yeah, learning a system as a payer is a hell of a lot easier then learning it as a GM. As a player you are expected to know what you are doing, as a GM you are expected to know what everyone is doing.

Crwth said...

@Hrimgrimnir I could change the name of the blog, yes, but that won't change the fact that all of the previous posts were about 4e. *:^) And since we still get people coming by and reading older posts, I thought it would be best to leave this blog as-is -- you never know, we might be back playing 4e if Pathfinder doesn't turn our cranks.

Hrimgrimnir said...

... I think that is the first time anyone in our gaming group has used the word "crank" without mentioning someone's mother. Kudos to you sir!

Anonymous said...

4th edition D&D is not even in the same realm of a game as the previous editions, its absolute garbage and is rank in file with pokemon. And the crappy artwork that they print now in the books takes away even more of the realism the game once had. Wizards just simply try to make more and more money and they seemingly get a worse and worse game every edition...1st and 2nd edition were the best, not even close to perfect but they worked very well and the evil was alll there. just wait and see Wizards will make a "vintage AD&D edition again...just you wait and see"