Wednesday, August 22, 2007

With this 4th Edition, I thee wed?

Rumor has it that certain classes will be merged in an attempt to whittle down the number of core classes.

Okay. I guess I'm all right with that. In some cases.

One such merger I saw ( suggests the Ranger and the Scout. Fine. I always thought the Scout as a class was just a multiclassed rogue/ranger. As a Prestige Class, sure it would work. But as a separate class?

The other merger (same site) has the sorcerer and the wizard.

Gasp! Say it ain't so!

Yes, I'll agree that the two classes are somewhat redundant. They certainly overlap. I can even understand the argument against having two types of arcane casters in the core classes. I never embraced the Warlock for that same reason. But come on!

Going back to having just the wizard as the only arcane caster available is like going from a sexy sports car to a minivan (there's a better analogy out there but I'm currently car shopping).

Personally, the sorcerer made spell casting fun for me. I love it's minimal book keeping and the challenge of picking just the right combination of spells without any safety net or mulligans. It even made the Charisma score relevant.

From a roleplaying point of view (and last time I checked 4e is still being touted as a RPG) the sorcerer and wizard are night and day. One is a bookish nerd rarely seen outside his tower. The other is a pompous loudmouth jerk really seen outside a tavern. One wants to study odd phenomena. The other just blasts it with a couple of scorching rays and moves on.

In short, the sorcerer is the swashbuckler of spell casting. I think the game will be sadly lacking without it as a core class.

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Fenris said...

I think it sounds neat! I am sure there will be a few superficial changes, and the core bits will be the same - besides, it's computer part of it will be handy if someone can't be there in person.

But we will have to see what things change and what stays the same.

Hopefully this edition will be random encounter free...