Friday, August 24, 2007

The way I figger it...

The latest post in Matt Sernett's blog has me bummed. He talks about the process of creating a monster using the old 3rd edition system, and then the 4th edition system, and says that even though they had a tool for 3rd edition for figuring out the CR and the like, they had to jump "through dozens of hoops" to get the monster to fit within the rules.

I liked the fact that the monsters played by the rules. Perhaps it's the rules lawyer in me, the programmer in me, the wannabe game designer in me, but I felt it "right" that a player's foes were cut from the same cloth as themselves, but that heroic providence led the player to victory over them.

While working on xmld20, and figuring out monster classes for those that weren't supplied in Savage Species, I got to know the system well, even making a list of all of the errors I found on the way, to perhaps someday send to Wizards for the next version.

Of course, that's all for naught, now, and from the sound of it, trying to reverse-engineer the monsters of 4.0 might not be possible. It makes me feel that they should just have a book of ideas, concepts for monsters and such, and just let the DM wing it during play, if there's no system to it.

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