Monday, August 20, 2007

Dragon & Dungeon

I definitely will miss these two magazines. With the original announcement of their demise, I hadn't a clue that it was a hint towards the upcoming announcement of 4.0. Wizards of the Coast mentioned that they would be producing a lot more online content, which immediately made me cringe, not because I dislike online content -- far from it -- but because of the difficulty I always had trying to find anything on their site, which led to the wizardslinks site.

The YouTube interview about the online versions of these magazines claimed that using the old print versions of these magazines didn't reach the scope of players that they wanted it to, and I have to admit that the online distribution will certainly improved that. It was also nice to hear that, as the print versions were, the online content is considered "official" material, for both the 3.5 material that will be published in September, through to May when 4.0 content will appear.

It hasn't be made clear to me yet whether or not this content is free through the Dungeons & Dragons Insider site, or if it is part of their pay portion. Regardless, I can see myself paying for it as I did the print copies, and if that fee is part of the general subscription to their online services, that's all the better. I just hope that the idea of a fee doesn't prevent players out there from accessing information that used to be free, such as all of the content currently linked to at wizardlinks.

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