Saturday, August 18, 2007

Like a bowl of petunias...

I'm impressed with the ability of Wizards of the Coast to keep such an announcement quiet for so long. Either that, or impressed with my disconnectedness with the Dungeons and Dragons scene that I hadn't heard anything.

When I first heard about it, it was on a third-party site, and I didn't believe it, but the teaser splashpage on the Wizards site was pretty much a giveaway. Before the official announcement at Gen Con, I went through the same emotions that most of the other fans did -- Wizards is just doing it for a money grab; there's no way I'm going to replace all of my books; I refuse to move on, and I'm sticking with the 3.5 rules.

Having taken a hiatus from D&D pretty much through the 2.0 days, I hadn't gone through this experience when 3.0 (and then 3.5) came out, but I read about it, and sympathized. But it didn't take long for me to simmer down and realize that the game has always been in flux, with new rules and ideas added over the years since we got back into it with the release of 3.0.

My resignation on the fact that 4.0 is coming complete, I decided I'd start up this blog as a place to voice my opinion on the 4.0 content as it's leaked out before its official release, and likely beyond.

I still haven't forgotten what this change might mean, though, for the current investment that I and my playgroup have in 3.5, and thus have nervous trepidation while I sit here and think:

Oh no, not again.

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