Monday, March 23, 2009

Promises. Promises.

I got a look at the Crwth's Insider copy of the Martial Powers Book playtest article.

For starters, I've gotta say that I love WotC's use of these playtest articles to get feedback from the players (ie. customers) before putting it all in ink. Assuming its not just a phony PR stunt.

As for the actual material, well... it's heartening. I mean, at long last they seem to be following up on the pre-release promises of having a warrior's choice in weapon mean something. (But why only for martial characters? Can't an arcane or divine or primal character specialize in a weapon too? Wouldn't that be more in line with the 'every class is equal and indistinguishable' thing 4E has going on?)

The feat bonuses and effects are all pretty much more of the same old formula. Add a bonus to this, do that in such and such a situation. Still, it's something that will differentiate a fighter who uses an axe from a fighter who prefers a spear and shield.

Most importantly, to me anyways, is that it offers up a lot of promise. I mean, all of my unfounded and harsh criticism aside (3.5 forever!) it's looking like 4E will be a really fun game.

In about three years.

In the meantime...

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Hrimgrimnir said...

I picked up the new PHB2 on Friday, and I think that there is a lot of good stuff in it.

The feats seem to be better, the newer classes seem to offer some variety and the new races each offer a different "feel" from each other.

I think you should take a look.