Thursday, March 5, 2009

Move over sorcery. Hand me a sword.

So long magic. I'm now looking to the sword to make D&D fun again.

In the ultimate in respec (and despite it being something I've railed against in the past) I'm switching my current character from a wizard to a fighter.


For starters I want to give 4E a fair shake and kick all the tires. Ideally I'd remake him as a different class at every level up, but that would be a little ridiculous. So, having completed the first module and then going through a lengthy hiatus until H2, it's the perfect chance to try out the melee side of things.

The biggest reason however is that the Wizard class is just incredibly boring to me. Now that every class as spells (or powers as WotC calls 'em now) the Wizard has been robbed of the one thing that made the class (or any spellcasting class) fun and unique. The Wizard is just another face in the crowd. A one trick pony that stands at the back and drops the same at-will power repeatedly. Blah.

The clincher has been some of the content I've seen in Crwth's Dragon pdfs. Articles such as the Gladiator one and the "Art of the Kill" are not only interesting reads, but also provide several Multi-class feats for martial types to use. While a far cry from the diversity I've come to expect in my DnD game, the Multiclass and the Technique feats can at least spice up a character and provide an in-game difference maker.

At first glance "my fighter is a Bravo Novice with the Cruel Cut Technique" is potentially better than "my fighter uses an axe". Only time will tell if these feats provide a noticable difference at the table.

I suspect that I'm merely swapping out repetitive Scorching Blasts for repetitive Thundering Blows (or whatever the fighter at-will is). At the very least the switch has rekindled my passion for the game.

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Hugh Walters said...


The best way to play your Wiz now is as a *controller*.

Drop a Storm Pillar (you need arcane power or Char builder), Grease, slide your enemies around the pillar for great damage.

Storm Pillar and Thurderwave to push em back. Ray of Frost, Orb of imposition to extend it, next turn Ray of Frost Action Point, Ray of Frost. You now have 3 slowed! 4 if you used an encounter "Icy Rays".

It's now more about making clever combos with your spells and action points as well as your team-mates. The spells no longer "do it all for you" aka phantasmal killer,

Magic items from Aventurers Vault (or charbuilder) now provide awesome dailies too...use em.