Thursday, December 6, 2007

More playtest hints

Rodney Thompson's latest blog post about their 4th edition playtest had a few things to pull out...

Ray of frost slows targets down. Is that figuratively (slowed down from killing you because they have to pause and heal), or is that a side-effect of the spell, after the cold damage? Interesting.

The eladrin short-range teleport we had seen before, and it sounds like a good tactical ability. I'm assuming it's an eladrin ability, anyway, but could be a wizard one too.

A copper dragon appears on the scene in the playtest, and gets attacked by the party. Aren't copper dragons Good? Is the party Evil? Has alignment gone by the wayside so much that none of this matters? Not to say that Good can't attack Good, but... well, I guess I expected a copper dragon to be a little more forgiving when Diplomacy was tried, but in the end they slew it...

...after some luck and an "instantaneous magic missile". Is "instantaneous" a new 4e phrase, similar to free/swift/immediate? This was "bestowed" by one of the warlord's abilities, and Thompson goes on to say "...letting me use magic missile at some unexpected times." Does that mean extra times per day/encounter, or just lets the wizard use the given amount at new and interesting times.

Oh, and just to steal Griff's thunder: tweaked magic missile?


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Griff said...

My first guess is that Ray of Frost (and probably most Cold effects) will literally slow down movement rate. Probably by a certain number of "squares" for so many rounds.

I thought that first teleport power was on a wizard but I'm not sure if he was an Eladrin. It could be racial, but I'm leaning towards a class based power.

The whole alignment thing is interesting. Maybe they really are getting rid of it.

In the Eberron setting it's certainly minimized to the point where monsters mingle with the traditional player races all the time. 4E is taking the Action Point concept, so maybe they're doing the same with alignment.

Plus, I got the impression that one character had a hate-on for dragons and was a reckless attacker. Still, I'd expect that a "Good" creature would at least be open to the idea of calling a truce for a little parlay.