Friday, December 7, 2007

I'll cast Magic Missile on the darkness

Theft of my thunder aside, I do have a few opinions on Rodney's playtest report.

Get the fuck out! Griff has an opinion? Seriously?

For true! And I've even purged all of my venom and bile, so we should be good to go.

So, they tweaked magic missile. Um, what? WTF?!

How do you "tweak" magic missile? That spell hasn't changed since the red box edition. It's the go to spell. Whether it's the last ditch kitchen sink spell for your epic level wizard, or the only way your 1st level noob sorcerer can hit the broad side of a sleeping kobold, magic missile is the must have spell. I can't even imagine an arcane caster without it. The iconic Fireball I can, and have, skipped but never magic missile (and shield). It's so automatic that I write it on every character sheet whether it's a caster or not.

They've already leaked that fireball won't do d6 damage in 4e. Okay. Weird but I'm open minded. To a point. Now that they're fucking with my magic missile... well, that's a whole new ball game.

I mean, what kind of 'tweaks' are we talking about here? Did they change it's damage die too? Do you need to roll to hit? Is there a push/bull rush type effect due to the force? Is it even a force type spell? This is killing me!

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