Friday, December 21, 2007

Heals for everyone! Huzzah!

Just read over the free pdf on the 4e version of the cleric that was offered by WotC recently.

No real meat to it (ie, no stat blocks or tables, just vague essays) but it was enough to send Crwth and myself into panic mode. Maybe not "panic" mode, but some kind of mode for sure.

The one thing that struck me, and surprise surprise, ticked me off was that every class will get some limited self healing. The logic behind this new mechanic is apparently to free up the cleric to do other things.

Now, I've only really played one cleric and he was a reluctant healer at best, so for me "giving up a round" wasn't a big deal. I can however understand that players who run a cleric might resent doing nothing but cast healing spells round after round. It's the same thing with the Bard, where the first round or two is invariably "wasted" on casting buffs and singing.

Um, if you resent "wasting" actions on buffing and healing, then why the fuck are you playing a cleric or a bard? Are you fucking retarded?

In the PHB there are 11 core classes. The PHB2 has another half dozen or so. The Completes and other add on books throw even more classes into the pool. Surely amongst all that chum in the water players can find something that fits their play style and their idea of fun.

Personally, I'm in the "I hate wasting actions on healing chumps who shouldn't have gotten so badly hurt in the first place" boat. So I choose my classes accordingly. Luckily the others in our group seem to like being the support classes for my stealthy warriors and sorcerous blasters. Maybe I'm just lucky.

Still, if you're in a group where no one ever wants to play a cleric. A group full of Griffs for example (you lucky bastard, to be surrounded by such handsome and witty friends). Well, here's an idea. Play without one!

I know. I know. Years of MMORPGs and computer games have conditioned us into the false belief that no cleric = TPK. But guess what? DnD is not a MMO or video game.

At least it wasn't before 4th edition.


Adrian said...

I know what you're getting at but not sure i agree.

Sure, if you don't want to be healing all the damn time then don't be a cleric but i've got a couple of friends who really get into the roleplaying aspects of a cleric. They enjoy it more than any other player i've seen.

They always get hounded for healing though. I had one campaign where our cleric was totally kick ass in so many ways but because so many of us treated him like the medic he was wasted.

I'm keen to see what this "limited healing" is because if it means that a cleric isn't automatically a healer then i'm all for that.

Arkz said...

thats exactly what i said they are turning dnd into an mmo i hate mmo's and i like limits on healing or creative healing makes it so the cleric has to stratigize if it effective.. and well ive played alot of games with out clerics but we would use druids and what not