Monday, September 17, 2007

Tome flies when you're designing a game...

Since Bart Carroll can change his mind about things, I get to post twice about the same Design & Development article.

Orbs for the Iron Sigil and Serpent Eye? Staves for the Hidden Flame and the Golden Wyvern? Wands for Emerald Frost and Stormwalker? And not a tome to be seen?

Are these names - Iron Sigil, Stormwalker - the names of talent trees? If that's the case, does that mean I can't be a wizard that uses both an orb and a staff, as the need arises? This would solve my earlier concern about having to change implements, but also seems to be removing some choice from the player.

I have yet to look into how Star Wars Saga does these talent trees, which is where, I believe, they've been saying they appeared. My assumption is that you can either take a broad approach to the tree, dabbling in this or that but being expert at nothing; or that you can go fully down one branch of the tree to be very focused.

Assuming that these wizard "types" mentioned above are branches of the wizard talent tree, does this mean that I can be an Iron Sigil and a Golden Wyvern at the same time? Will the "cost" be prohibitively high, as multiclassing can be? Or are they mutually exclusive groups, more like a membership than a training path, in which I've restricted myself to one discipline only. Perhaps "restrict" is the pessimistic word -- "optimized" is the optimistic one.

Or perhaps these terms are just NPC guilds that will be used as flavor in the 4th edition material, and they don't have any bearing, or at least restriction, on the player wizard.

Wow, my mood about this article went from "happy that they gave us something concrete" to "resigned that we're getting nothing concrete."

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