Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Losing steam

While there have been many new blogs, there haven't been a lot of new 4th edition tidbits being dropped, which is disappointing. How am I supposed to have an opinion?

Noonan's discussion about "silos" for spells got us talking a bit, though. The indication is that a wizard won't suffer from the bad luck of having prepared the wrong spell for the wrong situation. With the further hint in the later blog entry, referring to 1st edition D&D and their "1 offensive spell", etc., it makes me wonder if the new wizard is going to have so many spells of a certain school available, or if they'll have a special spell slot, much like the cleric's current domain slot, for specific spells. Griff's theory is that the silos might represent the talk about the per-day/per-encounter spells and abilities, and thus a spell like the phantom steed would be a per-day spell, whereas fireball is a per-encounter spell. It sounds better than my theory, but who gets to decide which spell goes where? What if I somehow use phantom steed all the time in battle?

No more metaphors for Noonan, though. Clouds in the sky? Get your head out of the clouds and start leaking more 4th edition material. We get it that it's our choice if we switch, that we can (and should) continue to play 3.5 while we wait, and that it's going to happen with or without us.

And come on... tell us what +14 awesome is! How better to drive a numbers-guy crazy than to drop one without an explanation. It's like getting struck by lightning without a cloud in the sk--oh great, now I'm doing it.

And guys... stop using the word "conceit". I'm happy that you've learned a new word, but it seems like this is the new meme in the office, and it's a bit obvious.

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