Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Podcast hints

I'm listening to the latest podcast to get a few more 4e hints.

The first thing that caught my ... err ... ear, was that multiclassing won't be as free as it used to. That means that Jack will be no more! Nooo!

I do agree, though, that multiclassing does require certain abilities to be offered in later levels, just to avoid the powergamers from taking 1 level in a class to get some abilities.

The XP change is a good thing. They mention that in 3e, you couldn't really go up or down a few levels in either direction for monster selection, and as a DM, I certainly found that. The static XP per creature, regardless of the player level, is a long-time coming. 3e XP was a big mistake.

Nothing else really struck me as that interesting. I'm not sure if that say something about me, about Noonan and Mearls, or about the player questions. Oh, wait, these are the same players that Ask Wizards about liches.

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