Thursday, March 27, 2008

Am I the only one...

who sees the Dragonborn race as a rolling out of the red carpet for the return of the Dragonlance setting?

Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised.

I've also gotta say that as much as I dislike the tiefling, I like the Dragonborn.

First off, I love the artwork that I've seen. Makes for a very cool looking character. Of course, I liked the artwork for the tiefling too. So I'm not completely superficial.

The difference for me, and the thing I like best about the Dragonborn, is that they aren't just humans plus a sprinkle of something else. To me, the half-elf and even the half-orc always felt like a human character with different stat modifiers. I doubt I'll feel that way about the Dragonborn. This looks like a race with a new and unique feel.

If the Dragonborn means that the half-orc is out, well... let me get the door. (I just hope that they can't be rezzed.)

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