Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just shut up already.

Dear Jonathan Tweet, please, I'm beggin' you, just stop already.

I realize that your boss is probably telling you that part of your job is to blog for the community. I understand that it's part of the marketing effort to be 'in touch' with the dnd fans and consumers of WotC's product.

That's all well and good. I applaud the effort and appreciate that the game designers have an open channel of communication with us, the fans.

But, seriously, stop blogging Jonathan. Just. Stop.

I don't care about your feelings on chocolate bars, or polls, or what animal you like to game with. Send those inane ramblings off to some other remote corner of the blog'o'sphere.

As Crwth said to me the other day, we want developer blogs, not blogs by developers.

Give us some insight into 4e, of which you must have tons to offer, or just go silent. Please. Pretty please.

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