Monday, November 19, 2007

Aligning the Unaligned.

Rich Baker's recent blog (from Nov 17th) has the following quote. "We'd like to see most fey move from Good to unaligned and somewhat perilous."

The reasoning behind that is to give DMs the option of throwing the occassional Fey type creature at the players. With most characters being of good alignment (or at least neutral) the typical Fey encounter is roleplay only. A Smokey the Bear type thing or an encounter with that give a hoot and don't pollute owl.

So, I'm all for opening up the Fey so that the traditional good aligned party can dust it up with an evil Fey. As it stands now the best thing about the Fey are the sexy pictures of the nymph and dryad (hubba hubba!). So let's make all the monsters in the Manual useful and/or fightable.

The part that struck me however, is the "unaligned" thing.

For the same reason as above I'm okay with monsters in the MM being "unaligned". I'm just curious about where they'll draw the line.

As I see it, about 99% percent of the monsters could easily be tagged as "unaligned". A few like the demons, devils, DMs, and slaad are unequivically chaotic and/or evil. But the rest? Dragons maybe, depending on whether they are metallic or chromatic. Still, if you can have a chaotic evil pixie, why not a tainted and lawful evil silver dragon? Or a fallen Solar who's lawful evil? Maybe even a good aligned Drow ranger who dual wields scimitars.

Nah. That last one is just too stupid to be believable.

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