Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playing Gnolls - Playtested?

Just finished the article on “Playing Gnolls” from Dragon #367, and it was a great read. (I'd provide a link and/or page numbers, but with WotC, it's almost pointless.)

The gnoll has always been one of my favorite monsters so I was glad to see it getting some special treatment. The article also reinforced a lot of what I love about 4e. Namely the way that monsters are given a flavor that becomes the basis of and is emphasized in their powers and tactics. It’s a wonderful touch and severely lacking in 3.5.

On the other hand, the feats at the end of the article are... disappointing.

Does anyone at WotC read these before they’re printed? Do they have any real editors? Are they playtested in any shape or form?

Case in point.

Swift Bite
Prerequisite: 11th level, gnoll
Benefit: When you bloody a foe, you can choose to deal an extra 1d6 + Strength modifier damage with a bite against the target.

Seems straight forward enough at first glance. But the benefit raised questions within seconds of reading it.

Does this extra bite automatically hit, doing the extra damage? Or is it a free attack, like a sudden interupt, that you have to roll to hit? I’m guessing it’s the former because there’s no mention of a Str vs AC or whatever.

My point is, I shouldn’t have to guess.


Anonymous said...

i play to dungeon drangon 3.5 whit a gnoll.i like it . I'm a warlod fighting whit a two handed bastard sword9i use one hand because i have monkey grips) and i big i kik ass!!!

Vincent said...

Whoever that Anonymous guy was before me seems to be a total clutz...

Anyway, I often play a Gnoll myself in DnD. However i'm more accustomed to 3.5 than 4.0 (Wasn't exactly too pleased at the very weak launch and total overhaul of the system)

As for the feat? Yeah.. Thats lacking, However.

I think it means it does count as an extra attack. Considoring the term 'bloodied' is referring to an action.

I'll be picking up the 4th edition book set in a few days. I'm rather curious.

oOGabiOo said...

I think it really means you deal an additional 1d6 + str automatically. At least, that's what I'd let my player roll as a DM because there is no mention of doing an extra attack. I think it'd be written this way instead. "When you bloody a foe, you can use the following power." etc :P