Thursday, July 3, 2008

New content? Only if you try really hard!

Okay, I thought I could keep my ranting about Dragon magazine to one post, but it was getting pretty bad with me commenting on my own post.

To recap those comments: yay, a full PDF of issue #364. Boo that the table of contents isn't clickable. And hey, guess what? There's an article in there that I had no idea about!

Now, I suppose I'm the one that could be blamed for this oversight, since there's a page maintained for each issue, such as this one. And I could always go there daily, and scroll through and make sure I haven't missed a new article, or perhaps just read them all again each day, just to be sure.

Why don't I just look at the Dragon features archive list, which my software reads to update wizardslinks? Because the article isn't there!

Why don't I subscribe to the RSS feed? Oh, I do, I do -- that's how I keep abreast of everything. So I thought. Because the article isn't there!

Which article am I talking about? How about Class Acts: Wizard. It's an article I would have loved to know about back on, you know, JUNE SIXTEENTH, when it was apparently posted.

There's the once-in-a-while feeling I get that maybe I'm too hard on Wizards and their online presence, whenever I'm updating wizardslinks, that maybe their stuff isn't that hard to find after all. But then...

Tell me, did any of you also miss this article? Or a better question would be: did anyone actually see it?


theinternetisbig said...

Totally saw it.

Was impressed really, I think it is simple yet graceful to implement illusions this way.

I can't wait for more material for the classes!

Anonymous said...

You know, 3.5 did have some good flare, however im glad they toned down the power gaming elements of dnd in 4.0. There is nothing wrong with a Wizard going into close combat. Hell its EASIER now in 4.0 than it was in 3.5, due to the higher hp and more versatile AC. also its not hard to get feat proficiencies.

I also feel that the chars have a wide array of things to do that is diffrent from one another. There not just Villila. If your refering to the fact that all the chars have At-Will, Encounter and Daily powers, i supppose, but now fighters have more things to do in combat than just -attack with sword-. and clerics have more to do than -point and heal-. and you can still have agonising choocies over when to set off your encounter and or daily power.