Friday, April 18, 2008

Look before you leap

Okay, yes, I should have finished reading the latest articles posted on Wizards before posting myself, but I was just trying to be a responsible blogger by blogging when I could! Today's excerpt talks about customizing monsters.

It's all a hack, it seems. In the same way of advancing monsters the simple way in 3e, we're instructed to just increase or decrease by 1 for every level adjusted. The numbers don't hold up that that's the actual formula (that is, that attacks and defenses have a full representation of level in them), and they say as much, pointing out that this only works for plus-or-minus five levels.

When talking about adding armor, they tell you how to figure out how much AC comes from "its thick hide". There's the natural armor bonus I was wondering about. It's spelled out, now, that worn armor and natural armor don't stack. Interesting.

Down when talking about the Templates, which I'm looking forward to reading in the Dungeon Master's Guide, it talks about the hit points:

Hit Points: Add the stated number of hit points for the monster’s new role, and then also add its Constitution score to the new hit point total.

For player characters, they get their Constitution score added at 1st level, but assuming the monster receiving this template has already gotten similar treatment, we'd now be adding it again. Or do we assume "regular" monsters don't get this bonus, but templated ones do? Looking at the two samples provided, we find out that controllers get +8 per level, but the wizard class (which is a controller), according to, gets +4 per level (plus constitution bonus.) Is it based on their tier?

I'll keep plugging away at it, hoping there's something to be found. The hitpoints, for now, are definitely the biggest question I have.

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