Friday, January 11, 2008

Today's "Ask Wizards"...

And I quote....

"Will the Hollywood writer’s strike have any effect on D&D 4th Edition?"





Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously? This is a valid DnD related question?

I must have missed the announcement that 4th edition DnD is being produced as a movie instead of in book form. Or maybe they're doing it as one of those play along DVD things, like "Scene It". I dunno. I don't even know why I still care.


Adrian said...

We can probably just put this down to internet related stupidity.

Sadly you don't need a minimum IQ in order to get a network connection.

Though how someone stupid enough to ask that question was able to work out how to use a computer is a bit baffling.

Griff said...

It's not so much the question, but the fact that out of hundreds of presumably legitimate questions, that was the one they chose to answer.

I agree with you though. I used to believe that there was "no such thing as a stupid question".